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Aznavour Foundation sends humanitarian aid to Armenia

More than 35 tonnes of humanitarian aid was collected in France and Switzerland by the Aznavour Foundation and its various partners to be sent to Armenia. Part of this aid will leave on November 27 in a plane chartered by the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs within the framework of the humanitarian support announced by the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron.

“Armenia always held a special place in Charles Aznavour’s heart. He has become a symbol for earthquake survivors in Gyumri and stood next to Armenian people in the happiest as well as in the saddest days till the very end of his life. Nowadays, his legacy and vision continue through the Aznavour Foundation and we stand with Armenians in these difficult times. With the help of our friends and partners we were able to collect 35 tons of humanitarian aid that will be transferred to Armenia with the support of Emmanuel Macron and the French Government”, - said Nicolas Aznavour, Co-founder and Chairman of the of directors of the Aznavour Foundation.

Kristina Aznavour, the CEO of the Aznavour Foundation, will arrive from France and personally take part in the distribution process together with the Foundation’s team in Armenia. Numerous organizations all over France and Switzerland, as well as individuals of Armenian and non-Armenian decent participated in collecting this considerable amount of humanitarian aid.

Adhering to the vision of its co-founding father, philanthropist Charles Aznavour, the Aznavour Foundation continues to support Armenia. During this difficult humanitarian situation in Artsakh and Armenia, we have mobilized all our resources and opportunities to provide targeted assistance to people and sectors in need.
  • From the very first day of the war, the future “Aznavour Centre” was transformed into a joint aid distribution compound. Together with Viva Foundation we supported hospitals and doctors with necessary equipment and medical supplies. As part of the assistance to healthcare, we have also purchased an ambulance with all necessary equipment and accessories.
  • At the same time we continue our cooperation with the Ministries of Health, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Emergency Situations and other governmental bodies in Armenia and Artsakh to be able to evaluate and respond to the most urgent needs.
  • We closely cooperate with Diaspora, supporting the collection of humanitarian aid abroad, as well coordinating its transportation to the Republic of Armenia. In addition to the 35 tonnes that we will be shipping in November and early December, we have already sent several dozen tonnes of medical equipment from France and abroad to Armenia.
  • During this period we have provided food and hygiene items to hundreds of families that have temporarily moved from Artsakh to Armenia.
  • We have also provided our support to the Hayastan All-Armenian Fund by transferring the donation at the very start of the war.
In the days of the war, we made the decision to work quietly on security issues and to focus on providing aid. Nowadays we would like to thank all of our donors, friends and volunteers. Since accountability to our donors and beneficiaries is the key aspect of our work, we will now on share with you with our news and updates through the Aznavour Foundation's page on social networks.