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One of the yerevan libraries has been named after Charles Aznavour

Charles Aznavour is widely known as a legendary artist, philanthropist, diplomat, but relatively few people have discovered him as a writer. Aznavour is not only a poet, but also a writer who bequeathed us with considerable literary legacy.

Now we have a great opportunity to get acquainted with Aznavour’s writings: one of the Yerevan libraries has been officially named after Charles Aznavour.

The inauguration ceremony was held on October 7, on the occasion of International Librarian Day. During the ceremony, guests attended the opening of the exhibition entitled "The Armenian-French Friendship Bridge", followed by the opening of a graphic painting dedicated to Charles Aznavour. The event ended with a beautiful concert.

The Aznavour Foundation is happy to support this library. We hope that the new generation will have an opportunity to discover Aznavour and be inspired by its journey.