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Provision of mixed rehabilitation: Launch of the program

The large-scale Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) war of 2020 took the lives of thousands of young people, leaving thousands seriously injured. The use of different types of ammunition (including the forbidden ones) increased the number of amputees, as well as people with severe brain, spinal cord and other injuries which require long-term physical and psychological rehabilitation.

In Armenia, only two medical establishments provide rehabilitation treatment. One is located in Yerevan, the country's capital, and the second one is in Gyumri. Given the remoteness of these facilities for a major portion of Armenia’s population, many of the wounded are deprived of access to proper rehabilitation care. Thus, it is obvious that the decentralization of rehabilitation services is one of the major challenges Armenia faces right now.

In response to these needs, the Aznavour Foundation decided to create a physical and psychological rehabilitation centre on the bases of Vanadzor Medical Centre, located in Lori region.
"The rehabilitation department in Vanadzor will allow a large number of beneficiaries to use physical and psychological rehabilitation services. The staff of the newly established department will be in constant contact with French specialists in order to exchange experience and master innovative approaches. The opening of this rehabilitation centre is another step towards returning our heros to normal life."
said RA Minister of Health Anahit Avanesyan.
Within the framework of the project, Vanadzor Medical Centre will receive twelve units of rehabilitation equipment, a part of which has already arrived and been installed. In addition, local specialists will have the opportunity to take part in training courses conducted by specialists from France.
"The Aznavour Foundation started the cooperation with the RA Ministry of Health during wartime, however, after the ceasefire agreement it became obvious that the support provided to the medical sphere needs to be continuous and with a more systematic approach. This project has been developed based on this perspective.

The implementation of such an extensive project was made possible thanks to the significant co-financing by the Crisis and Support Centre of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs. We always feel the support of the French Embassy in Armenia, and are certain that we still have a lot to do together."
said Kristina Aznavour, CEO of the Aznavour Foundation.
It should be noted that several groups of French specialists have already worked with local doctors, transferring their experience in the field and exchanging valuable information. The group of psychologists also had meetings with people (including children) who lost relatives during the war, and held consultative talks on the prevention of post-traumatic stress disorder.
"The French government continues to support Armenia. We are happy to be part of such a strong initiative. The establishment of such centres in the regions and decentralization of services is very important for the effective operation of the system. We are full of hope that we will be able to witness the results of this great work in person"
said French Ambassador to Armenia Anne Louyot.
The centre will help to improve the quality of life of those affected by the war in Artsakh by providing them and their families with much needed support.
"This is a very honorable cooperation for Vanadzor Medical Centre. Together with the team of the Aznavour Foundation we were able to organize the whole process in a very short period of time. We have already hosted several groups of training specialists, we have also received the first batch of the rehabilitation equipment. This is a great investment for our city and region, which will serve for a long and purposeful time."
concluded Vahagn Mkrtchyan, director of Vanadzor Medical Centre.
The project is implemented with the participation of the Crisis and Support Centre of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs. The other partners of the project are the RA Ministry of Health and Vanadzor Medical Centre. ​​​​​​​