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"Aznavour by Kasparian" exhibition in Paris

In preparation for the Centenary of Charles Aznavour, the town hall of the 9th arrondissement, in partnership with Lydia Kasparian and the Aznavour Foundation, offers you a unique exhibition of the previously unpublished photos.

The author of nearly one hundred presented photos is the famous French-Armenian photographer Roger Kasparian, who immortalized through his lens many renowned French and international artists in the 1960s: "The Beatles", Brel, Gainsbourg, Hallyday, "The Rolling Stones" and others.

"In 1960, Roger Kasparian had the opportunity to photograph my father for the first time during a famous concert held at the Alhambra Hall in Paris. From then on, thanks to his keen eye and technical skills, he was able to immortalize many other key moments of Charles Aznavour's life and career in a unique way. Black and white or color, each photo tells a story, conveys an emotion, documents the truth. Allow yourself to experience the eternal beauty of those photographs and immerse yourself in Charles Aznavour's universe, thanks to Roger Kasparian's talented eye," says Nicolas Aznavour, Co-founder and Chairman of the "Aznavour Foundation", speaking about the exhibition.

A precious testimony to musical and cultural history, the “Aznavour by Kasparian” exhibition pays tribute to an artist of thousand talents. Ambassador of all Armenians, his story is intimately linked to the 9th arrondissement and 22 rue de Navarin, where his family lived.

The exhibition will be open for visitors until September 17.

Entry is free.

Address: City hall of the 9th arrondissement of Paris (6 rue Drouot)