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Charles Aznavour memorial plaque in Paris

Within the framework of these celebrations, on 21 May 2019 the Paris Municipality, in cooperation with the Aznavour Foundation, organized two remarkable events in the French capital.

Opening of the memorial plaque

On the morning of May 21st a memorial plaque was inaugurated at the first Paris appartment building of the Aznavour family. The memorial plaque was placed at the 6th district of Paris, 36 rue Monsieur-le-Prince, where the Aznavouryans originally settled and where Charles Aznavour spent his childhood.
At the beginning of the ceremony Nicolas Aznavour, the co-founder of the Aznavour Foundation and the youngest son of the illustrious artist greeted all the guests. He thanked Mrs. Anne Hidalgo and the city of Paris for their support on the behalf of Aznavour family:
Tomorrow, we will celebrate my father's 95th birthday, but we celebrate his life every day. Our goal, the goal of the family and the Aznavour Foundation is to preserve the cultural and humanitarian heritage of Charles Aznavour, to honor and to make his memory live.

The inauguration of the commemorative plaque on the street Monsieur Le Prince marks the launch of a long celebration campaign during which other events will be organized and monuments will be inaugurated in Paris and around the world.
The event was attended by the large number of guests including city authorities, prominent figures and members of the Aznavour family.

During her speech, Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris, mentioned:
Paris pays tribute to Charles Aznavour, a city which saw this immense talent emerge. He is the beloved child of our city, which loves those who come from elsewhere and who share its values of generosity and discovery.
The mayor also revealed that "other surprises will come to mark the presence of Charles Aznavour in Paris" because the city wishes to pay tribute to him also in other symbolic places marking the history, the life of Charles Aznavour by his report to the French capital. She thanked the Aznavour Foundation for initiating the ambitious campaign of this tribute.

Concert on the forecourt of Paris City Hall

The celebration continued with an evening concert dedicated to Charle’s Aznavour Birthday on the forecourt of Paris City Hall.

The concert featured Joana Mendil, Essaï Altounian, Eric Berchot and other musicians.