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Espace Charles Aznavour was officially opened in Arnouville, France

On October 3rd, 1992 the Espace Charles Aznavour - cultural center and music hall, was officially opened in the city of Arnouville, France.

Charles Aznavour, Aïda Aznavour Garvarentz, many high officials and local authorities were present at the opening ceremony. The center as well as the main concert hall were named after Charles Aznavour. Another major hall carries the name of Georges Garvarentz, famous French Armenian composer and Aïda Aznavour’s husband.

For three decades the Centre has remained the heart of all community events and city affairs.

On October 14th, 2022, the Espace Charles Aznavour once again opened its doors after the full renovation and modernization. Nicolas and Kristina Aznavours, as well as high officials and Armenian community members took part in the event. In his speech Nicolas Aznavour welcomed the organizers and thanked all the involved parties on behalf of the Aznavour Foundation.