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Aida Aznavour Scholarship

The Aznavour Foundation announces the AIDA AZNAVOUR SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Aida Aznavour-Garvarentz, the Aznavour Foundation initiates a scholarship program in cooperation with Charles Aznavour State College of Culture and Arts.

Aida Aznavour, the older sister of Charles Aznavour and the wife of the famous French-Armenian composer Georges Garvarentz, is also a musical artist.

Aida and her brother Charles were inseparable throughout their lives. Together they used to make appearances in small plays while they were little children, dreaming of a big stage. Aida and Charles Aznavour always did their best to help young talented people achieve success in the arts, grow in professional careers and never give up.

Through this scholarship program, the Aznavour Foundation continues the mission of the Aznavour family, supporting talented young people to pursue their dreams.

The scholarship will be awarded to students of Charles Aznavour State College of Culture and Arts.