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Aznavour Centre project announcement and Key Handover Ceremony

On June 1st 2017, the Ceremony of the handing over of the Key for the Aznavour Museum took place in Yerevan. During this official ceremony, Charles Aznavour and his son Nicolas Aznavour also announced the creation of the Aznavour Foundation.

The main goals of this foundation is the development of charitable, social, educational and cultural programs.
"It is with great joy that I announce today the creation of the “Aznavour Foundation” in Armenia, co-founded with my son Nicolas Aznavour. The Aznavour Foundation mission will be to continue to support vulnerable populations in Armenia and the world, and to create a museum in the “Charles Aznavour House” in Yerevan. This museum will host cultural and educational events and become a major attraction. This initiative is a testament to my commitment for a better future of the world."
Charles Aznavour
“I am proud and honoured that my father has bestowed upon me this great responsibility and that I will help implement his projects in Armenia. Regardless of the obstacles our ancestors have faced, our roots have run strong and deep for millennials and it is our responsibility to tend them.”
Nicolas Aznavour
he world-famous artist started his philanthropic activities in Armenia in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake of 1988. For 30 years his humanitarian efforts have allowed the creation of many charity programs in Armenia and all over the world.

Charles Aznavour and his son, Nicolas Aznavour, decided to pursue their philanthropic activities, and the next step was the creation of "The Aznavour Foundation" to pursue the artist’s ongoing charitable activities.

The major project of the Aznavour Foundation will be to creation of the “Centre Aznavour” located in Yerevan.

Charles Aznavour and his family have decided to donate all their personal belongings to create an authentic, lively and interactive retelling of Charles Aznavour’s life, career and achievements which will be preserved in Armenia. Courses in music, cinema and French will also be part of the curricular activities offered in the Centre Aznavour

The development of the Foundation’s programs and the creation of the museum will be conducted under the supervision of Nicolas Aznavour and Charles Aznavour.