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Formidable Aznavour concert in Marseille

«Marseille is the city that could have been my birthplace if my parents had not decided to move further north and reach Paris. Nevertheless, from an early age I have always had a special love for that city, which is known to have given refuge to many Armenians who escaped the genocide»
Charles Aznavour wrote in one of his books.
We thank Marseille, its people and all the guests, as well as all the musicians, for taking part in the concert dedicated to Charles Aznavour on May 21.

The concert was attended by artists Enrico Macias, Nana Mouskouri, Lynda Lemay, Michel Thor, Smaïn, Frederic Zeitoun, Djibril Cissé, Claude Njoya, Manon Mali, Emma and many others.

We are grateful to our good friend Frank Ohanessian and the whole team for organizing the concert.