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Humanitarian aid for Armenia

More than 60 tones of humanitarian aid have already been delivered to Armenia with 4 humanitarian planes chartered by the Crisis and Support Center of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs following the decision of the President of the Republic. 40 tones of this aid was collected by the Aznavour Foundation thanks to the unity, solidarity and hard work of 50 organizations and hundreds of volunteers. Thanks to 20 collection points deployed in France and Switzerland, 11 distribution chains throughout Armenian territory and Nagorno-Karabakh, 12,000 refugees were provided with basic necessities.

On November 12, President Emmanuel Macron received at the Élysée Palace personalities and humanitarian organizations of Armenian community to affirm France's support towards Armenia and Artsakh after the announcement of the ceasefire.

The following humanitarian organizations took part in the meeting at the invitation of the Presidency of the Republic: the Armenian Fund of France (represented by Bedros Terzian, President of the Fund); the Aznavour Foundation (represented by Kristina Aznavour, CEO of the Foundation) and the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) France (represented by Nadia Gortzounian, President of the Union). The meeting was also attended by Youri Djorkaeff, Nicolas Aznavour, André Manoukian, Stéphane Hasbanian and Anouche Dzagoyan.

The head of state reaffirmed on this occasion the "historic friendship" between France and Armenia. "In this difficult time, France stands by Armenia", he said. In addition to sending medical mission to Armenia, the President of the Republic also announced the provision of humanitarian aid to Armenia through a cargo plane and the pursuit of Franco-Armenian cooperation in healthcare. After initial emergency actions involving the dispatch of surgeons and medical/surgical supplies to Armenia, several humanitarian flights have been organized.

An initial cargo plane leased by the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs arrived in Yerevan on November 22nd. It was transporting items donated by French authorities: emergency medical equipment, and in particular a Mobile Medical Station allowing for the care of 500 people as well as blankets and hygiene kits to be distributed to those affected by the conflict.

On November 27th the second plane with humanitarian aid arrived in Armenia. It had a special delegation on board led by Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, the State Secretary of France, Eric

Chevallier, Director of the Crisis and Support Centre, Kristina Aznavour, CEO of the Aznavour Foundation, Youri and Denis Djorkaeffs, Stephane Hasbanian, the team of “Electriciens sans frontières”, French journalists and other delegates. The delegation led by the Minister of State arrived aboard an aircraft leased by the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs that carried donations collected by the Aznavour Foundation and humanitarian cargo supplied by charity organizations and corporate foundations.

On December 11th the third plane landed in Armenia, carrying humanitarian aid supplies (wheelchairs, stretchers, walkers, medical equipment, masks, medicines, care kits, clothing) collected by the Aznavour Foundation in France and Switzerland, as well as hygiene kits and duvets entrusted by the Véolia Foundation to the Aznavour Foundation for distribution.

On December 18, the 4th humanitarian aid flight landed in Yerevan, carrying cargo from the Aznavour Foundation (wheelchairs, winter clothes, medicine) and that of other Armenian associations on board.

The next plane to Armenia has been scheduled for January 5, 2021, carrying civil protection clothing, children's clothing and medical supplies on board.

In addition to the humanitarian aid sent by planes, the Aznavour Foundation collected 60 tons of additional material. The shipment will be transported to Armenia by sea and land at the beginning of 2021. As a result of this operation, the Aznavour Foundation and its partners will have collected and distributed 100 tons of humanitarian aid in total.

Once again we would like to express our gratitude to all involved parties:
President of France, Crisis and Support Centre, French Embassy in Armenia, all organizations and individuals that participated in collecting and sending the needed help.

We hope that this unity will help us overcome existing challenges.

All this became possible thanks to engagement of:
Veolia Foundation, Electriciens sans frontières, UNICEF, Blue Cross of Armenians of France, ASPA, ACABA, AGENK, AGUMP, AU CE, Armenian Center of Geneva, UMAF Lyon, Armenian community of Ticino, SAHB Hilfsmittelberatung, REHA Rheinfelden, “Volunteers for humanity”, the House of Armenian culture of Grenoble, association “Unity for Armenians”, association “Sassoun”, аssociation “Children of Armenia”, Clamart town hall, Marseille town hall, the city of Plessis- Robinson, logistics company “Ani Déménagement”, Armenian culture house in Alfortville, foundation “Elise Care” , Public Assistance - Marseille Hospitals (AP-HM), Public Assistance - Paris Hospitals, Meditraining, LHD Groupe France, Aide Actions Internationales Pompiers, Résidence Sainte Bernadette, Tempolog, Levis, Sud Express, Municipality of Arnouville , Franco-Armenian Union of New Aquitaine, Chiloe association, AgurArménie de Biarritz, “Solidarity donations”, Franco-Armenian Club of Antony, collection centers in Arnouville, Alfortville, Issy-les-Moulineux, “DiaspoHay”, Bedoian family, Stéphane Hasbanian, Youri and Denis Djorkaeffs, Josephe Arakel, Elise Boghossian, David Perrier, Arax Der-Kevorkian, Hasmik Poladian, Julietta Hovhanessian, Jean-Luc Messager, Sylvie Moretti, Hayk Arakélian, Benjamin Mouquet Findikian, Hratch et Agop Kirmizyan, Arthur Garabedian and many others.