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Charles Aznavour’s monument opening in Varna

On May 30th 2022, the official opening of Charles Aznavour’s monument took place in Varna, Bulgaria. The project became possible thanks to the cooperation between the Aznavour Foundation and Armenian General Benevolent Union "Parekordzagan" – Varna. The fruitful collaboration of both parties, as well as active participation of the Aznavour Family resulted in the inauguration of the monument.
The Aznavour Foundation welcomes and endorses initiatives that allow to pay tribute to the legendary artist. In line with that objective and in cooperation with local authorities, Armenian diaspora representatives and private supporters, the Foundation has initiated a project for placing Charles Aznavour’s monuments in different cities of the world.

The proposal of opening Charles Aznavour’s monument in Varna came from our colleagues at AGBU Varna and resulted in this delightful event. We want to thank the AGBU Varna, Armenian Embassy in Bulgaria, local authorities and citizens of this beautiful city for their warm welcome of the monument. We hope that Charles Aznavour’s monument will become an inseparable part of Varna”
says Kristina Aznavour, CEO of the Aznavour Foundation.