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Brand new home for the large family of Malkhasyans

After living in a temporary shelter for more than two decades, the Malkhasyan family of nine finally received a certificate of property and the key to their new home from the Aznavour Foundation. After spending numerous difficult, cold and dark years without electricity and decent heating in their shelter house, the family has finally moved to the new spacious apartment, leaving behind heavy memories of the earthquake and the resulting home loss.

Siranush Malkhasyan was only 7 years old when they started to live in the shelter house, now the 33-year-old young woman says that she never stopped believing in having a real home one day: “Now we have our own home, and it is such a relief: we are so glad now, and happy to think that we can attend to the needs of our children, so that they have what they need and not have a childhood like ours. One should never lose hope. We should look ahead, and always try to move forward, because God is great and, thank God, there are kind people in the world”, says Siranush Malkhasyan, survivor of the 1988 earthquake.

Pursuing its mission to support those in need, the Aznavour Foundation and an anonymous donor gifted a new house to the Malkhasyan family.
“Our dreams, goals and aspirations are often connected to the quality of life we have. If people are focused only on their problems and difficulties of the past, it often blocks their goals and limits their steps towards bigger plans. To reclaim the pride of ownership after losing everything is a tremendous achievement and the Aznavour Foundation is happy to support one more family on their journey to a better future. Standing by those in need and raising their issues are Charles Aznavour’s values that we keep and spread”
underlines Kristina Aznavour, CEO of the Aznavour foundation.
The Aznavour Foundation is grateful to its donors for the continuous support of the social resettlement project and looks forward to new partnerships, which will allow for further implementation of this initiative.

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