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A park in Israel was named in honor of Charles Aznavour

On April 2, 2023, the public park in the city of Petah Tikva, Israel, was named in honor of Charles Aznavour. The memorial stone is placed in front of the Armenian Genocide memorial.

Those present at the event included the mayor of Petah Tikva - Rami Greenberg, the Ambassador of Armenia to Israel Arman Akopian, the representative of French Embassy in Israel Thierry Peltreau as well as numerous other guests, public persons and members of the Armenian community.

The idea of the stèle belongs to David Galfayan who is the author of the above mentioned Armenian Genocide Memorial.

In 2017 the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation (IRWF) bestowed the "Raoul Wallenberg Medal" upon the siblings Aida and Charles Aznavour. This prestigious award is a token of recognition to the Aznavour family, mother Knar, father Mischa and their aforementioned daughter and son, who during the dark days of the Nazi occupation in France, reached-out to those persecuted by the Nazis.

"We grew up together in the Les Marais district in Paris where many immigrants mingled together, including both Jews and Armenian refugees. They were our neighbors and friends... When the Nazi army started arresting Jews our home became a shelter for them. My parents knew the danger was there every day, but my sister and I only grasped it later. We were 'crazy' young people, who followed their parents' footsteps. Only after the war did we realize how great the risk really was" - Charles Aznavour recalled.