Charles Aznavour

Temps de pause

Release year: 2000

Author: Charles Aznavour

Publisher: Alternatives

Pages: 120

Genre: Photo

Pause time, snapshots stolen at random from lot of countries crossed. In the midst of the anonymous, some famous faces: Les Compagnons in 1980, Aznavour with Biraud and Mella in 1971, Brassens — notably with Aznavour and Devos in 1969, and with Lapointe in 1970, Les Barbus in 1967, Gainsbourg and Escudero in 1965, F. Leclerc in 1960 and 1964, Devos in 1964, Hallyday in 1962, Piaf in 1961 and 1962, Aznavour in 1959, Greco and Distel in 1955, Dietrich in 1954, Dali in 1954, Prevert undated. Hussenot in 1945, Filipacchi in 1939, The Mouloudji brothers in the 1930s, H. Crolla at the same time … The preface is signed by Charles Aznavour. These black and white photos were already the subject of an exhibition of the National Foundation of the photography in 1990, now everyone can now look at them at home.