Charles Aznavour


On May 22, 2019, the world celebrates Charles Aznavour’s 95th anniversary.

On this day and during the whole year, numerous concerts, exhibitions, performances, movie screenings and other events will be organized in different corners of the world.

The Aznavour Foundation unites all these events under the #Aznavour95 hashtag and announces about the launching of #Aznavour95.


#Aznavour95 is a challenge aimed at celebrating the art and life of the legendary artist. 


Challenge Rules

  1. The participant needs to record a short video with Aznavour’s song (sing a song, play a musical instrument, recite any extract from their preferred song or other creative solution to perform Aznavour) on the phone.
  2. The recorded video should be posted on any social media channel (public post) with the hashtags #Aznavour95 and #AznavourFoundation. The participant should also tag the Aznavour Foundation pages on Facebook and Instagram.
  3. At the end of the video the participant nominates 3 other persons to take part in the challenge. The challenged person has 24 hours to react. If the nominated participants don’t accept the challenge in 24 hours they should donate to the Aznavour Foundation.


Your Text of Participant

 “I am xxxxx and I am participating in Aznavour Foundation’s challenge on the occasion of 95th anniversary of the legendary artist.  I would like to perform one of my favorite songs: (sings/plays/recites an extract).

I am nominating xxxxx, xxxxx and xxxxx who have only 24 hours to record their own videos. If they don’t, then they need to donate to the Aznavour Foundation by visiting ”


You are invited all to take part in this celebration campaign involving also other admirers of Aznavour !

Aznavour95 Donations

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All your contributions during this campaign will be directed to the creation of “Aznavour” touring exhibition project.

Charles Aznavour’s music and philosophy never knew any boundaries. And that is from where the creation of a Touring Exhibition idea was born. The exhibition will include precious elements exposed in the Aznavour Centre in Yerevan, as well as technologically reinvented part that is simply mindblowing. This way, Charles Aznavour’s world tours will continue, and this is your chance to bring Aznavour’s art to your city.