Aznavour Center

Interactive Museum & Cultural Center

The Aznavour Foundation‘s first cultural project is the creation of the Aznavour Center in the heart of Yerevan, Armenia. The Center will house technological and interactive museum of the legendary artist, and a cultural and educational center for youth.


Concept of Aznavour Center

Who we are

The Aznavour Center will host the interactive museum of the legendary artist. It is an experience that walks you through the realization of a dream and inspires you to believe in your power to be more than you thought you could be.

How we do it

By taking you through the life of one man and his music – his ideas, his hopes, his challenges, his achievements – we will show you what is possible if you allow your dreams to guide you. Like a good book that you can read over and over again, we will tell a timeless story that will propel you to want what only you can imagine.

What we aim to achieve

We want to transform people to a higher level of being – of thinking, of ideating, of doing – by allowing them to touch and feel the life of Charles Aznavour. With a song as the teacher and love as her voice, we will inspire the world to look beyond what is possible and practical, and embrace the wisdom that is the foundation of Charles Aznavour’s life: “I dream therefore I can.”

How we make you feel

A visitor to the Aznavour Museum will feel joy and a sense of “oneness” from seeing the transformation of Charles’s life and experiencing the ultimate achievement of his glorious songs. The Museum will provide a “feel-good” experience that will mimic the feeling one has when listening to Aznavour’s music. As described by Pascale Hugues in the compilation Portraits of Hope, “Aznavour weaves a tender bond – accessible, sensual, immediate. He connects generations, different ethnic origins, and social milieus, and crosses borders by accepting everyone and excluding none. Be it granny or granddaughter, the professor or baker at the corner, all of them hum the same “Ave Maria” Aznavour has sung to their hearts.”

How we are different

Museums dedicated to music or to the recognition of musicians focus largely on the product and mediums: the instruments, the compositions, the musicians. While the visitor to these museums will look in awe, he or she may never see herself connected to the artist but rather, a distant observer of someone else’s life. The Charles Aznavour Museum will bring connection for the visitor, much like what is felt from his songs, and in so doing will perpetuate a sense of openness and universality.

Why does anyone care?

We care because Charles Aznavour is real and human just as all of us. We care because we believe in the power of acceptance, love, and openness. We care because we know how Charles Aznavour’s music makes us feel, and how it transcends us to a higher sense of being. Though the Museum will show the life of one person, the surprise will be realizing the impact one person can have when he aligns his mind and heart.

What problem are we trying to solve?

There is so much pain in the world that is unnecessary and yet, so much beauty that goes unseen. To truly enable young artists, musicians, and leaders to fulfill their dreams we must create an environment that inspires everyone, not only a select group. Charles Aznavour’s life of passion and songs of love will be the platform upon which we will create a transformational experience for all who come in touch with it.

Room 1

New beginning

In the first room the history of the Aznavour family will be introduced by this video projection of a sand animation.

Room 2

On Board

A reconstruction of the inside of a ship will make us share the experience Knar, Mamigon and Aïda, the parents and sister of Charles Aznavour, lived through their journey that took them from Constantinople to Thessaloniki and then Marselles. Vintage luggages will illustrate the journey.

Room 3

First apartment and Second World War

A reconstruction of their first apartment in Paris will be done. Animations with childhood pictures, first concerts photos and costumes.

Room 4

Early career in the music industry

The first piano, personnel letter from Frank Sinatra, Edith Piaf and others will be present in this room. Videos and photos of his early career will be shown.

Room 5


In this room several displays will allow the public to see extracts from these movies to discover Charles Aznavour as an actor

Charles Aznavour did more than 80 movies with some of the greatest directors and actors

Room 6

Recording studio and discography

A fully functional recording studio will be built.

Mixing software installed on iPads will allow the public to remix multitrack recordings and listen to the results.

The studio will be accessible for special educational courses.

A wall of Charles Aznavour’s original gold records and other recordings in all formats LPs, cassettes, CDs will be present in the same room.

Room 7

World tours and international recognition

Special construction of several displays will show the most powerful moments of worlds tours and international recognition.

Tours in URSS, Japan, South America, Europe, Africa, Australia will be presented as video collages

Room 8

Humanitarian actions

Following the terrible earthquake in 1988, and with the help of many artists he recorded the hit song “Pour toi Arménie”. Since Maestro has pursued his humanitarian actions in Armenia and abroad.

Room 9


A mirror display will be installed, playing a video of Charles Aznavour preparing himself before he goes on stage.


Room 10

Music Hall

At the end the visitors enter the concert hall and see a performance in 3D. The concert hall will also screen movies of Maestro and performances during events organised by the cultural center.