Charles Aznavour
Travelling Exhibition
Status: In Progress
As part of its mission to preserve Aznavour's work and share his values, the Aznavour Foundation is launching a new project - Charles Aznavour's traveling exhibition
Charles Aznavour's touring list is as impressive and grand as the number of his fans around the world. The purpose of the traveling exhibition is to bring the name and art of Aznavour to the cities where his public always awaits him. Starting from Paris, the exhibition will travel wherever he remains present in peoples' hearts and minds.

Visitors will have the opportunity to walk through the life of a man, his art, his music, his ideas, his challenges, his hopes and his achievements. The multimedia exhibition will encourage the public to surpass themselves by drawing inspiration from the career of Charles Aznavour. A timeless story that shows that the impossible is always possible as long as we want it.

"Une vie d’amour".
What makes this exhibition unique.
You will learn about his accomplishments as a writer, composer, singer, actor and humanist. ​​​​​
The exhibition of personal items, multimedia technologies, including computer animation, complemented by virtual reality, will provide a lively and interactive experience.
Charles Aznavour will guide you in his own words on an extraordinary journey from humble beginnings to stardom.
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